– Molly F, Camping Critterz

"The Roar Baby monitor is the BEST baby monitor for camping...It has every feature I want in a camping baby monitor."

– Molly F, Camping Critterz

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Testimonials from the industry

"Simple to use, they basically function like walkie talkies, except the one by your baby is always on “talk” mode.
"I just slip the Roar monitor under my 11-month-old’s pack and play, nap tent, or wherever he’s sleeping, and go about my business. With 20 hours of battery life, I find these can make it two or three nights before they need a recharge"

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"They were designed for use outdoors."
"Roar’s Baby Monitors ($165) work like wireless radios; they’re rugged, have a claimed range of 1,000 feet, and a rechargeable battery life of over 20 hours. They were designed for use outdoors. For a family that camps, travels, or spends lots of time outside the Roar Baby Monitors are helpful for keeping an ear on the little one if they need a nap, or go to bed earlier than mom and dad."

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"Consider this an investment in your security and your sanity"
"Roar baby monitors are surprisingly small, very durable and have a 1000-foot range. They work as a basic baby monitor but can also allow you to talk to your baby in your tent!"

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"Having both the parent and receiver unit be powered by rechargeable batteries is a game changer."
"Roar Baby Monitor is designed specifically for camping and outdoor use when you don’t have a power supply or heavy power station in your tent."

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"These baby monitors are truly outdoor ready"
"Roar’s baby monitors resist water and dust or dirt, they can live through a drop or two or 10, and they have a battery life of up to 20 hours when fully charged. In other words, these baby monitors are truly outdoor ready."

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"It’s one of the only monitors you can take in all weather conditions"
"The product quality is great, you don’t need to worry about getting a flimsy or poorly made product. We dropped it a few times on different floors, such as hardwood, wooden deck, and grass. All good."

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"The range and battery life are more than I’d ever need"
"You’ll relax better at the campfire knowing you’re keeping an ear on your baby at the same time. They hold up to being dropped, spilled on and the battery life lasts us over a week!"

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" If you’re a true tent camper, you’ll appreciate the additional features the Roar has to offer."
"The Roar Baby Monitor is my top pick when it comes to baby monitors that are perfect for camping. In fact, outdoor use is exactly why this was created."

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"This baby monitor helps you keep tabs of the little ones whether they’re one tent away or out there exploring"
"Getting outdoors is about disconnecting from the constant barrage of technology that infiltrates its way into modern life. But when you have a kid that’s not always possible. It adds a little piece of mind while still encouraging adventures."

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"Each of them has a water-resistant, drop-proof, and protective exterior."
"I wish I had these monitors when my kids were young. The ruggedness and ease of use are better than anything I was able to use 20 years ago. I appreciated how easy it was to carry the monitor in my pocket and the long-range it was able to transmit sound."

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" We were impressed by the audio on the device, as well as the range and battery life"
"The Roar outdoor baby monitor is a wireless, audio-only baby monitor that is water-resistant and extremely durable."


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"Parents will be able to enjoy the camping experience while their little ones are tucked in tight."
Roar Baby Monitors will certainly change my camping experience this summer. The long battery life, 1,000-foot range, ease of use, and rugged design makes it the perfect baby monitor for my summer camping trips. I’m looking forward to having the freedom to take back my evenings while camping solo with my kids. 

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"The Roar Outside Baby monitor is an essential travel item for families with toddlers."
"It is a compact and lightweight device that allows you to monitor your child’s activity and safety while on the go. The monitor connects to your phone via an app, allowing you to keep an eye on your child from a distance. This is especially useful when your little one is sleeping, allowing you to enjoy your vacation or activities without worry."

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"The *Rechargeable* Battery Operated Baby Monitor for Camping Families is Finally Here."
The increased functionality and durability of the Roar monitors, as well as not having to deal with the frustrations/costs of disposable batteries, makes this a must for outdoor families. This is especially true if you enjoyed the outdoors pre-kids, and want to be able to still enjoy getting in the outdoors after.

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