About Roar Baby Monitors

My name is Austin De La Cruz, and I am the founder of Roar Baby Monitors. I grew up in a family of campers, so when I had kids of my own I wanted to be able to pass along my love of camping to them as early as I could. My favorite time of every camping trip is sitting around the fire at the end of the day, making s'mores (or pizza pies in my family's case) and looking at the stars, but that time is always after my little ones have gone to sleep. In order for me to be able to put my kids to sleep in their tents and still be able to enjoy that late night bonfire, I needed a baby monitor that worked in the outdoors. I needed this baby monitor to provide that peace of mind knowing they were sleeping soundly, and to alert me so I could help in case they needed a drink of water or a late night bathroom run.

It was when I went to purchase a baby monitor to be used during our family camping trips that the idea for Roar Baby Monitors originated. I simply could not find a baby monitor that would work during a camping trip. None of them fit the needs of an outdoorsy family as very few were battery powered, and the ones that were fully wireless had a battery life of only a few hours. Others had terrible range and were so flimsy that they would not survive the trip. 

After 2 years of rigorous testing on prototypes, Roar Baby Monitors was born.

With Roar Baby Monitors, we have made a baby monitor that is rugged enough for the outdoors while still providing the necessary security and function for the peace-of-mind every parent needs. The long battery life ensures that parents can confidently leave their kids in their tent and know that they are safe all night. The lightweight size allows for easy packing and mobility as it fits easily in a pocket or belt loop without being intrusive. The rugged exterior case allows for them to withstand being stored in any backpack, and having Roar Baby Monitors be water resistant ensures that they will survive almost anything Mother Nature throws at them. 

Roar Baby Monitors has allowed my family to continue enjoying the great outdoors while being safe and secure, and I am proud to know that they will help many other families as well.

Thank you,

Austin De La Cruz

Founder, Roar Baby Monitors

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