Roar Baby Monitor Function

Roar Baby Monitors can be turned on pressing and holding the orange power button on the top of each unit.

The Parent and Child units will automatically link together when they are both turned on. If the units do not link automatically when powered on, follow the Pairing Procedure steps by holding downt the + and - volume buttons on the parent unit for three seconds. The parent unit will flash green to let you know it is in pairing mode. Then press and hold the + and - volume buttons on the child unit, which will put the child unit into pairing mode and as long as both units are within 3 meters, they will automatically pair.

The Parent unit will beep 5 times when it is out range of the Child unit. It will also beep 5 times if the battery on the Child unit dies.

When powering each unit on the light will flash yellow 3 times if full charge, 2 times for medium charge, and 1 time for lower charge. The light on each unit will also turn red when the battery is below 25%.

By pressing the PTT button on each unit, you can talk to the other unit.

We recommend charging both units after each night to ensure each charge will cover a full nap or bedtime.

It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge each unit.

Roar Baby Monitors are not water proof, rather they are water resistant. They are rating at IP54, which means they are protected against splashes from all angles for 5 minutes and full protection against dust.

Yes, please contact and our support team will assist in sending a replacement battery to you.

The Child unit is orange, the Parent unit is black. You can also test by powering both units on with the volume up and talking next to one of the units. If you can hear your voice out coming out of the other unit, you are talking next to the Child unit.

Having other electronic units turned on close by the child unit may cause an increase in the static feedback sound. Try moving other electronics 3-5 feet away.


It is 100% free to ship to the continental US.

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. The cost will be determined at checkout.

Average shipping to the continental US is between 4-7 business days, but it can vary due to holidays and weekends. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the US varies greatly depending on location but you can track your order every step of the way using your tracking number.


If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Roar Baby Monitor, you can return it at no cost to you up to 90 days after your purchase date.

Please send an email to with your order # and your reason for return and one of our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Returns are free up to 90 days after your purchase date. Just send your order number and reason for return to and let our support team take it from there.


Roar Baby Monitors are different from other baby monitors on the market by being fully wireless with a long battery life and rugged case built to survive the outdoors. The new trend in baby monitors are video monitors that transmit via Wifi and connect to your phone via an app. While these designs work great while at home, they are ineffective in the great outdoors. Outdoors you need a baby monitor that can withstand the punishment and not be reliant on an outlet or your phone. By focusing on a simple, effective design, Roar Baby Monitors just flat out work in the outdoors by doing exactly what is needed and nothing more: they allow a parent to hear everything that is happening where their child is sleeping.

Roar Baby Monitors were designed for the family camping trip, but they are also great for emergencies when the power is out, for keeping a watchful ear on elderly family members, or when having a baby monitor plugged in to an outlet is a potential safety hazard.

Roar Baby Monitors have a range of 1000 feet consistently, meaning that the Parent unit can be 1000 feet from the Child unit and still hear clearly. On clear days with no physical obstructions, the range can be even farther.

Roar Baby Monitors were designed over two years in the US, but we use parts made in China and in Europe in our manufacturing.

Roar Baby Monitors transmit on FRS license free frequencies which range from 462 to 467 MHz. These frequencies are part of the Ultra High Frequency band (UHF) and are safe for use around all ages.

Roar Baby Monitors come with a 1 year warranty.

Roar Sound Machine + Speaker

Press the Play/Pause button to switch between the Brown Noise, Ocean Waves and Summer Rain sound

Press and hold the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds to switch to wireless speaker mode. To switch back to Sound Machine mode press and hold the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds.

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