Introducing the Original Outdoor Baby Monitor

Roar Baby Monitors are the original baby monitor designed for outdoor use. Fully wireless with a long 20+ hour battery life in a rugged case, Roar Baby Monitors allow families to camping and enjoy the great outdoors safely.

Roar Baby Monitors was started when our founder was unable to find a baby monitor that would work during his family camping trips. His favorite time of every camping trip was sitting around the fire at night, catching up with his family and eating s'more's. However, once our founder had kids of his own, he found that he needed a baby monitor to know his children were sleeping soundly in their tents in order for him to be able to continue to enjoy that late night fire. 

His search for the ideal camping baby monitor made him realize there just were not any baby monitors on the market that would work out in the wilderness, away from an electrical outlet. Very few baby monitors were fully wireless with both the parent and child units being powered by batteries, and the ones that were fully battery powered were so flimsy that they would not survive an outdoor adventure like camping. After searching and trying out numerous baby monitors with no success, he created Roar Baby Monitors to give his and other families the ability to get out into the wilderness safely. 

Simply put, Roar Baby Monitors allow parents to enjoy the late-night fire while knowing their children are sleeping safely in their tents.







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