Roar Baby Monitor
Roar Baby Monitor
Roar Baby Monitor
Roar Baby Monitor
Roar Baby Monitor
Roar Baby Monitor
Roar Baby Monitor

Roar Baby Monitor

Roar Baby Monitors are the rugged fully wireless baby monitor with a 20+ hour battery life, built for the outdoors and traveling family
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Roar Baby Monitors are a license free baby monitor designed and tested in the United States. Created with outdoor families in mind, our Baby Monitors were built to support the rigors of the outdoors while also providing the simple functionality of an audio baby monitor.

Roar Baby Monitors have a specialized lithium-ion battery that provides over 20+ hours of life per charge. The lithium batteries are also rechargeable so there no need to carry multiple sets of batteries as backup. Roar Baby Monitors transmit at 2-watts, which is the maximum power legally allowed without a license, which allows for the units to clearly transmit up to 1000 feet.

Dimensions: 4.8in x 1.9in x 0.7in (122*50*18mm)

Frequency Range: 2400-2480MHz

Output Power: 2 Watts

Battery: 1000mAh Li-ion

Temperature range: -20°F to +140°F (-30°c to +60°c)

Weight: 6.9oz (198g)

Warranty: 1 Year

Operating Voltage: 3.7 Volt

- One Parent Unit

- One Child Unit

- One USB Outlet Charger

- One Dual Micro B Charging Cable

- Two Stainless Steel Belt Clips

- Two Lithium-ion Batteries

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Three Way Communication

Roar Baby Monitors 2 Parent Set gives both parents the ability to talk to communicate with each other and the child unit.

Stay longer

The lithium battery has a 20+ hr battery life and is rechargeable via USB port.

No more hauling around extra batteries or being tied to a power outlet.

Keep exploring

Having children doesn’t mean you have to stop experiencing the wonders Mother Nature has to offer. 

Roar Baby Monitors 2 Parent Set gives both parents the ability to keep a watchful ear on their babies. 


The long battery life and long range let parents enjoy the late night fire, confident their little ones are sleeping soundly in their tents.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Cody criss
Best/only option for a outdoor baby monitor.

They seem tough enough. Simple to use battery life is good. 1000' range definitely shorter with obstructions wish it was a bit more. You probably don't want to be too far off while your kid asleep it's just a slight inconvenience not getting the full 1000'.
My biggest problem with them is the sound quality on the receiver crackles. To talk to the child's end its very clear so maybe it's a defect or a damaged speaker. Idk it's probably the best option for an outdoor baby monitor. I tried useing cheap 2way radio's but the hand free wasn't sensitive enough.

Michele - Florida
Excellent clarity

This monitor was purchased for security purposes on our property. The clarity and construction is exceptional. Been using approx 3 weeks every night and battery life has been on point. Just purchased a second one!

Versatile monitor

While designed for camping, this monitor is useful to complement a standard monitor. The monitor is great when the baby wants to nap outside the nursery (car seat, etc). It’s also nice to clip on to your belt if you want to do house chores and not carry around a bulky video monitor.


EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Perfect for falling asleep in the car seat! I park in the garage with the windows down and go get a few chores done in the house without disrupting a nap. Plan on using it up at the camper too. I just leave these in my car for on-the-go. SO glad I found this product! Thank you Roar Baby Monitors!

Sonia Alvarado

This Roar Baby Monitors is been a great idea. Now I can seat and relax, watching a good classic movie in my room while my big son with special needs sleeps pacific. 😇
Thank God. 🫠

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